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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Query Process

Some people say that the process of sending queries to find an agent is very similar to dating. There is a courtship element involved. Tentative attempts for a response that actually conceal a longing and hope and desire, and, whoops, the query is beginning to sound very much like a "bodice ripper." Let's not go there today.

Instead, it might be fun to consider alternative "jobs" to being a writer at the query stage. Something that captures the essence of putting your heart on the line with the possibility--more like probability--of rejection.

Here are some ideas that I came up with to start:

1) Javelin catcher
2) Crash test dummy
3) Novice electrician
4) Pharmaceutical control subject
5) Bungee cord tester
6) Great White Shark feeder

What ideas can you come up with? Feel free to respond!



Susan Schreyer said...

Okay, that does it. Instead of those cute little fish at the top of your page you need to post a warning to reader to be sure and swallow their coffee (tea, whatever) before proceeding further.

Javelin catcher....!

I'm freakin' dying here, Brent! (but thanks for the out-loud laugh anyway!)

Susan M. Boyer said...

Brent, these are hilarious. My favorite is...I can't pick one. They're all appropriate.

Annette said...

How about one of those folks who hold balloons and such for a nearsighted knife thrower? Yeah. That's it.

Kaye George said...

Poison oak tester? I've actually auditioned for this job a couple of times recently.

B L Maguire said...

Great! How about balloon holders for nearsighted knife throwers with poison oak??

Carol L.Wright said...

Hmmmm . . . gallows tester?

MaxWriter said...

How about something like professional marriage proposer?

Great list, Brent!


B L Maguire said...

Carol and Edith: Good additions! The creativity is flowing now! :-)


Ricky Bush said...

How 'bout...bomb squad rookie. By the way, found my way over from your SinC post.

B L Maguire said...

Ricky: Bomb squad rookie is great. What a way to increase tension!

Saw your profile...Forrest Gump was on the tube last night as I was flipping through...writers are as writers do....